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Warehouse worker responsibilities include storing materials, picking, bagging and scanning orders. They operate under the supervision of a manager or team leader. Warehouse workers ensure that the flow of products is coherent and the service is flawless by securing that products reach the front end in time.



Receiving Clerk - Accountable for counting, rotating, filling, and storing stock in the warehouse or stockroom. Also, he/she validates and imports receipt of incoming shipments.

Inventory Clerk - Investigates gaps in inventory records to determine if corrections are needed. Supervise the distribution of incoming parts for storage, quality, labeling… Prepares and keeps records of materials inventory for all products.

Inventory Control Manager - Secures that all inventory products are properly identified and accessible at once, thus enabling order processing employees to do their necessary tasks efficiently.

Warehouse Coordinator - Under the regulation of the warehouse manager, does various actions, such as receiving, storing, stocking, and distributing company materials and equipment. Ensures the conduction of all warehouse procedures and activities.

Warehouse Manager - Monitors the enforcement of all warehouse procedures and practices. Schedules, steers, and manages all aspects of the company warehouse, including receiving, storing, stocking, and distributing a wide variety of materials and supplies.


An average Warehouse Worker in the United States can expect to take home roughly $11.92 per hour. Total cash compensation to Warehouse Workers bottoms out near $19K and approaches $39K on the high end; the biggest paychecks include approximately $1K from bonuses and almost $5K from profit sharing.

(Source: PayScale)

Check 100+ Warehouse jobs