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Some squad members - primarily the engineer and conductor - are required on all kind of trains, but other occupations are unique to their area. It depends on the type of train. Every member of a train squad has a very special role. There are many types of jobs in railroad


Three types of railroads employ rail transportation workers: freight, passenger, and urban transit.


  • Manage all actions of freight and passenger train staff

  • Make passengers secure and comfortable while collecting tickets and fares

  • Complete accident reports as necessary

Brake Operators

  • Assist with the coupling and uncoupling of cars

  • Operate some switches

Locomotive Engineers

  • Must have mechanical skills

  • Decipher system gauges and other applicable instruments and communicate with dispatchers and engineers

Signal Operators

  • Control the track switches within a rail yard

Train Dispatchers

  • Guide and oversee the movements of all trains in a certain zone

  • Must know how to use computers

Freight Carman

  • Typically work in the shop, rail yard, or trackside

  • Repair rail cars

  • Control hand and power tools, including welding equipment

Logistic Coordinators

  • Direct the packing of purchased products into tractor-trailers and ensure quick delivery of merchandise to consumer locations



2015 Median Pay: $55,180 per year ($26.53 per hour)

Typical Entry-Level Education: High school diploma

Number of Jobs, 2014: 113,300

(Source: BLS)

Check 100+ Railroad jobs