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Lab technicians support scientists in analysis of data, experiments, and processes. They provide all the necessary technical support to potentiate the lab to operate effectively


  • set up and sanitize laboratories

  • perform lab tests

  • prepare specimens and samples

  • record and present data

  • ensure the laboratory is well-stocked and resourced

  • handle sophisticated laboratory equipment

  • dispose of chemicals and waste products in a safe way

Lab Technician


Not everyone can be a lab technician. If you want to be a lab technician these skills are needed:

  • good practical and technical skills

  • good hand and eye coordination

  • an awareness of health and safety issues

  • time management skills

  • accuracy and attention to detail

  • teamwork skills and patience

  • good math and IT skills


MEDICAL LAB TECHNICIAN - They help physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Most medical lab technicians can be found working in hospitals, diagnostic laboratories or physicians’ offices

DENTAL LAB TECHNICIAN - After receiving a work order and dental molds from a dentist, dental lab technicians go about creating dentures, bridges, crowns, and other dental prosthetics

OPHTHALMIC LAB TECHNICIAN - Ophthalmic lab technicians manufacture contact lenses and prescription eyeglasses with the use of automated equipment and by hand. After receiving the prescription directions, ophthalmic lab technicians use a variety of techniques like grinding, polishing, cutting, and edging to make sure the lenses for prescription glasses match the needed specifications

CLINICAL LAB TECHNICIAN - Working under the supervision of clinical lab technologists, clinical lab technicians prepare specimens, follow detailed manual tests, and oversee automated analysis tests. Depending on the lab, clinical lab technicians can work with different specimens, like blood and tissue samples

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Check 100+ Lab Technician jobs