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Housekeeping refers to the maintenance of places such as a house or hotel. Housekeeping employees are fundamental to keeping business working smoothly. That’s why owners pay attention to housekeeping actions

Housekeeper DUTIES

Hotel Housekeepers

  • clean hallways, lobbies, staircase, lifts and rooms

  • restock room supplies such as glasses, soaps, towels, mini bar

  • wash all used linens

  • answer to guest questions and requests

  • organize labor schedule from the room status list, departures and arrivals

  • frequently deliver additional items like extra blankets or towels

Domestic Housekeepers

  • sweep, dust, vacuum and clean the rooms

  • plan and cook what employers like

  • clean the kitchen

  • wash the dishes

  • polish silverware

  • do other chores when employer asks


High school diploma isn’t required but it helps. You should be able to talk at least two languages. That’s a huge plus. Probably the biggest requirement in this job is following orders and instruction from your employer. Housekeepers make around $9.82 per hour. Although pay generally varies between $7.80 per hour and $15.32.

(Source: PayScale)

Check 100+ Housekeeping jobs