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Hospitals are facilities that ensure, inpatient, emergency, and commonly outpatient medical care for sick or injured people


Hospitals employ a lot of people in many different areas:

Nurse (involved with almost all aspects of a patient’s care)

Physician (key to the provision of healthcare and medical treatment)

Medical Receptionist (often the first person a patient may interact with over the telephone or upon arriving at a medical office)

IT (many hospitals are significantly expanding their IT staff)

Allied Health Careers (Various healthcare technologists and technicians of all kind are needed at hospitals also)

Hospital Executive (responsible for controlling all operations of the hospital)

Recruiter (they help to advertise job openings, source qualified candidates, and manage the interview process)

Other jobs (cleaning/janitorial services, gift shop, food services, parking attendant etc.)

Registered Nurse


Registered Nurse (RN) - $59,338 a year

Physician Assistant (PA) - $91,767 a year

Nursing Manager - $85,113 a year

Physical Therapist (PT) - $67,163 a year

Pharmacist - $110,136 a year

Family Nurse Practitioner (NP) - $88,566 a year

(Source: PayScale)

Check 100+ Hospital jobs