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A call center is a place where customer telephone calls are managed by an organization, generally with some amount of computer automatization. Usually, a call center is capable of managing a multitude of calls simultaneously. Job duties also include screening and logging calls as well as sending calls to someone qualified to manage them should the need arise.


  • Good oral and written communication and interpersonal skills

  • Ability to collaborate with a team

  • Flexibility in responding to change or business needs

  • Excellent attendance and punctuality

  • Ability to work independently and learn on the fly

Call Center


  • No Experience Needed

  • Low Work Volume

  • High Income

  • Informal Dress Code

  • Easier Promotion

Notable Call Center Companies Include:

  1. Datacom Group

  2. Genpact

  3. Inktel Direct

  4. NCO Group

  5. StorageMart

  6. Sitel

  7. Telus

  8. WNS Global Services

Check 100+ Call Center jobs