Starbucks is an American coffee company and coffeehouse chain founded in 1971. They have more than 23,000 locations all over the world and more than 190,000 employees. Starbucks looks to continue widespread growth and seeks to hire new and creative individuals to work as baristas and managers


Barista, Shift Supervisor, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, District Manager, IT Specialist, Marketing Associate, Operations Specialist, Project Manager, Sales Associate, Administrative Assistant, Call Center Associate, Facilities Development Manager



There are many available jobs at Starbucks, but these are most wanted:

BARISTA - Basic knowledge of coffee preparations and equipment prove necessary for employment as baristas in most cases. The entry-level job involves interaction with the general public and the regular handling of food. Responsibilities include taking food and drink orders, ringing up purchases, answering questions about products and services, cleaning work stations, taking out trash, and sweeping and mopping floors

MANAGER - Careers in management include shift supervisor, assistant store manager, and store manager job titles. Applicants seeking work as managers must usually stand at least 18 years of age and possess a year of experience, with six months of prior experience stemming from leadership roles. Supervisors lead teams of baristas, set schedules, train new employees, and assist in administrative tasks as necessary. Assistant store managers need two years of previous experience in retail or restaurant environments, excellent delegation skills, and motivating personalities. Primary tasks include reviewing protocol and proceeding, implementing sales, promotional, and other initiatives, and organizing subordinate teams

(Source: job-applications)


Starbucks offers excellent benefits to its employees:

  • Health insurance

  • Life, dental and vision insurance

  • Disability insurance

  • 401(k) plan

  • Maternity & paternity leave

  • Employee discount

  • Job training


Barista - $9.43 hourly

Shift Supervisor - $11.66 hourly

Store Manager - $48,548 per year

Assistant Store Manager - $36,636 per year

District Manager - $84,850 per year

(Source: Glassdoor)

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