Do you function better in the morning or in the evening? In a National Sleep Foundation poll, 37% of males and 44% of females reported being an “owl,” or evening person versus a “lark,” or morning person. Younger respondents were more likely to be night owls; more than half of all respondents age 18 to 29 said they work best at night.

Of course, if you’re a night person, it can be truly tough to get up at six in the morning to report to work. So what can you do if you only fully wake up and come alive after you get home from your daytime job?

Trade it in for a new one! Here are some of the best overnight jobs:

  1. Air Traffic Controller ($121,280 median annual wage)

  2. Casino Dealer ($20 per hour with tips)

  3. Bartender (evening shifts produce the best tips)

  4. Security Guard ($28,000 median annual wage)

  5. Firefighter ($48,270 median annual wage)

  6. Babysitter

  7. Mail Sorter ($13 per hour)

  8. Repossession Agent (The pay varies quite a bit)

  9. Pizza Delivery Driver (It is all about the tips, because most places pay minimum wage)

Air Traffic Controller

Other jobs:

Baker, Nurse, DJ, Limo driver, Merchandise stocker, Night school teacher, Hotel desk clerk, Highway toll booth attendant, Liquor store clerk, Gas station attendant, Movie projectionist, Customer service representative

(Source: thepennyhoarder)

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