Blimpie is a submarine sandwich chain in the United States established in 1964. With thousands of restaurants in the Blimpie network, each store employs a lot of workers for everyday tasks and duties. Individuals can earn competitive salaries at these restaurants and thereby, afford a living


Sandwich Maker, Assistant Manager, General Manager, Sales Manager, Information Technology Specialist, Administrative Assistant, Legal Assistant, HR Representative, Financial Analyst



There are many available jobs at Blimpie, but these are most wanted:

SANDWICH MAKER - Your duties will include making subs, running the register, as well as making sure that the customer is satisfied with their purchase. You will usually work with 1-3 people at a time, depending on the time of the day and more. You’re going to also help in the kitchen where you stock ingredients, keep the lobby clean and more. Your average wage will be between $8 and $10 a hour

CASHIER - As a cashier, you’re going to ring people up as they come into the restaurant. You’re going to help with the order, help with keeping the restaurant clean, as well as ring up the customer at the register. You’re going to handle cash, credit card transactions, as well as ensure that people are happy with their purchase. The average wage is $8 to $10 a hour

(Source: myjobapps)


Blimpie offers excellent benefits to its employees:

  • Healthcare

  • 401(k) plan

  • Paid time off

  • Dental and vision

  • Vacation days

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